Used Piano For Sale in Singapore

Play sweet music and practice your masterpiece with the right instrument. Music Junction carries a broad selection of quality pre-owned piano instruments from well-loved brands and manufacturers. Check our used piano for sale in Singapore units and start your passion for music with the right instrument!

  • Offers different types and dimensions of piano instruments
  • Carries branded and authentic pianos
  • Offers the best deals and prices for second-hand pianos
  • Quality and well-maintained pre-owned pianos
  • Excellent customer service

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Quality Used Piano For Sale in Singapore

Welcome to Music Junction, your trusted dealer of superior-quality used piano for sale in Singapore. Explore the kinds and brands of pianos we offer and play your passion with the best instrument!

Authentic Used Piano For Sale in Singapore

Music Junction is a leading piano retailer and dealer in Singapore that offers the best line of used piano for sale units in Singapore. Our singular purpose is to support the dream of every piano enthusiast and help them pursue their passion for music by offering the finest used piano for sale in Singapore at affordable rates.

We believe that every piano player and artist dreams to have their own instrument that they can use to master their craft and showcase their talent for music. Our unmatched selection of pre owned piano brands are sure to address your playing style and working budget. We carry brands like Yamaha, Atlas, Kawai, Shigeru Kawai, Diapason, Apollo, and other well-loved brand-name piano instruments.

For years, we dedicate ourselves to finding the right instrument that would impress even the most demanding and discerning piano player. Whether you are looking for a used upright piano, used grand piano, or used baby grand piano, our diverse collection can help you find the perfect instrument.

We are your trusted piano dealer and here’s why:

  • Impressive selection of branded pianos
  • Well-maintained and quality instruments
  • Competitive rates and prices
  • Unique buying experience
  • First-rate after-sale service
  • Unparalleled customer service

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